The Why and How of Linked Data

March 22, 2010

I’m just past halfway through nine consecutive days of all day meetings, clustered around the W3C’s semi-annual Advisory Committee meeting. When this series started, I didn’t have any particular responsibilities, beyond attending. But then John Sheridan had to canceled his trip, and I was tapped to stand in for him on panels at both the AC meeting (this morning) and FOSE tomorrow.

My slides don’t stand on their own very well, but here they are anyway. There might be video of the FOSE talk, later. And if you’re in Washington, by all means, drop by!

1. Why linked data is important for government open data initiatives. This was for a panel showing how Linked Data is being adopted, in various ways, in various industries, for an audience (W3C staff and member representatives) who were, perhaps, tired of hearing about the promise of the Semantic Web.

2. How To Do Open Data (in 10 minutes). This is for an audience of federal IT managers/vendors who are mostly unfamiliar with the concept of RDF.

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  1. sandhawke Says:

    Woops, thanks, Danny…. it’s fixed now.

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