This is my personal blog, for my ideas about how computer systems should be decentralized. I work mostly for W3C and MIT, but these are just my personal opinions. If I wanted to speak on behalf of W3C or MIT, I wouldn’t do it here.

The “y” spelling is kind of a pun. It came from thinking I need to “analyze how to decentralize“. I was sold when I learned the suffix “-lyze” means “disintegration or dissolution”. So we’re pulling “central” apart from both sides, with both the “de-” prefix, and the “-lyze” suffix.

My motivation: I want coders to be free to innovate, making new social systems without having to first breech the walls of the current systems, the walls which lock people into silos. I want users to have all the cool tools, connecting with all their friends/coworkers/etc, without having to convince those folks to sign up with yet another system. Centralized systems offer great services to users, but they also restrict users. I want to find ways to offer the great services without the restrictions. This has been a passion of mine for about twenty years, weaving in and out of my larger passion for using computers to solve social problems and making computers do new tricks.

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