Web-Site-Access-Control as the General Privacy Mechanism

October 18, 2008

I gave a talk Friday — a 10-minute-intro on a panel — (slides) in which I pointed out that there is a ton of powerful data that could be collected right now. I used the example of all the information your cell phone could, in theory, be collecting. I suggested putting it all on the Semantic Web, and then working on our access control models. I wasn’t a great fit for this panel, but I tried.

Alas we had almost no chance for discussion. This was a shame, since we had some great discussions among the panelists in preparing for the panel. Also, the audience was a mere 20 people or so.

On the plus side, I met substitute panelist Daniela Barbosa and was thus reassured that the Data Portability Work Group wasn’t evil. I tried to talk to her over lunch about how her experience in this effort suggests W3C should evolve, but we got interrupted and never had that conversation.

[ Edit: See Posting by Lidija Davis about the talk… ]

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